[Vrstream] the short chord for NLS player

Roger Loran Bailey rogerbailey81 at aol.com
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Forget it. You are trying to connect a female to female connection. It won't 

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I have not thought about using my NLS player until  recently. So, I thought 
I should be able to attach the short chord that came with the stream to the 
NLS player via the USB connection on the side of the NLS player and then 
attach the other end to the stream to play a book stored on the stream. Hope 
I don't sound to naive but, the end that should be connected to the NLS 
player doesn't fit and it doesn't look like the end of the long chord that 
does fit in the USB connection on the PC or the NLS player. Of course, when 
I connect the long chord to the NLS player and then connect the other end to 
the stream and turn it on the stream says player connected but I can not 
play a stream book via the NLS player. I am wondering if a piece is missing 
from my short chord. The way the short chord looks now I can not attach it 
to either the PC or the NLS player. The other end of the short chord 
attaches to the stream easily. Hope I am making sense.


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