[Vrstream] the KJV bible, and converting WMA to mp3

Joshua Hendrickson louvins at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 13:31:01 EDT 2010

Joshua T Hendrickson
Hi all.  I've transfered the KJV bible to a thumb drive using the
humanware companion with no problems.  It takes about five minutes to
transfer the files to a thumb drive, or SD card.  Also, for me, the
download of the bible went at 240 k and took around an hour.  You all
much consider, that the size of the bible, is a bit over 800
megabytes.  Also, for converting WMA to mp3, I'd suggest using a free
program called jodix free WMA to mp3 converter.  I've used it
frequently, and it does a very nice job. of converting files.  I hope
this information is helpful.

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