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Linda, within cnib, what is the function of a book monitor?

Alan Lemly

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That would be Blair Stainton, and I can't believe that after all these 
years, I may not have read any book he narrated. I know I've seen the 
name, but it must have been because cnib lists the names of the people 
who monitor books, as well as the narrators, unlike nls which only 
tells you who narrates. Come to think of it, when I would see the name, 
I would wonder if it was the name of a man or a woman.
I checked the catalog under his name, and could only find one book, and 
there was no online digital book to sample, not that I don't believe 
you but I just had to hear it for myself. The book is about wine, so 
haven't decided if I want to order it or not.
Another reason I may not have read a book by him could be the fact that 
some of the narrators read books under special catagorries, so unless I 
were looking for it, I wouldn't know.

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