[Vrstream] Help with NLS books

Heidi hiheidi at optonline.net
Sat May 8 10:32:50 EDT 2010

Ok, one other thing to add.  


The companion appears to have placed the books in the other book folder
instead of the Talking book folder, is that correct?


Again thank you in advance for any assistance you could give me.


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Subject: Help with NLS books


Hello all and happy Saturday!


Sorry to be writing about what probably is another user error, smile 


OK, don't exactly know what happened here.


I did download the authorization key and followed the instructions from NLS
and Humanware to load the key on my Victor Stream.  I know the key was
loaded based upon what they told me the stream would say.  It still states
that I have 4 user keys loaded, which I think would make sense as I also
have loaded RFB & D keys.

Also, I have the library cartridge extension from humanware so I can play
NLS library cartridges on the stream without downloading them to an SD card.


When I downloaded the NLS books, using the Humanware Companion, to my SD
card and went to play them, I got a message saying I was not authorized to
play these books.  Could someone please let me know what I am doing wrong.
I am very frustrated.  

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