[Vrstream] cards reformatting

Alan Paganelli alanandsuzanne at earthlink.net
Wed May 26 10:53:42 EDT 2010

Humanware says when you get a new SD HC card to format it first in the 
Stream as the utility can format HC (high capacity) SD cards.  Not all 
computers can.  If your computer is older then 3 or 4 years, it may not have 
that capability and thus cannot format the card to the HC standard.

I assumed the card I was using was formatted properly from the factory.  In 
my stream, it was reporting I had 12 GB free which was a good trick seeing 
as how it was an 8 GB card.  After formatting with the utility in the Stream 
it worked fine.  It was an ATP 8 GB SD-HC card.

My Asus netbook has a built in SD HC reader/writer and the manual says it 
can format SD-HC cards and warns that older computers cannot properly HC 
cards so, that's what Humanware told me and the manufacturer of my less then 
a year old netbook computer.  Hope it helps some one.  I don't assume new 
cards are formatted properly before use any more.


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> Hmm... nope. That never happened to me, but I was firced to format it on 
> the computer one time. A message came up saying I had to
> format the card to even use it on the computer.  That was stupid. I even 
> tried going into the drive anyway and could not.
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