[Vrstream] Stream update issue

Steve Zielinski steveziel at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 7 20:12:15 EST 2012

The latest version of the stream software, 3.4.6, uses the tone feature which is used in the victor stratus.  There was much discussion about this tone feature, most people do not like it.  First, press and release the power button while in the talking books folder until you hear "tone".  Then use the up and down arrows and adjust the tone to the zero position.  That will make the voice sound normal.  You can then still use the speed feature and run the stream at whatever speed you want and the voice will sound natural, although sped up or slowed down, depending on where you leave the speed feature.  Rotate to the speed setting by pressing the power button and releasing it until the stream says "speed", and use the up and down arrow keys again to ajust the speed.

There is hope that the humanware folks will offer the choice to stream uses of the new tone feature and the traditional one we have gotten used to in the past, nothing official from humanware, but people have asked for this change in the future.\

I myself, though I am not fond of the new tone feature still prefer this new version because of the added benefits of selecting multiple time jump options and the ability to search for music in the music folder by typing in titles of songs or parts thereof.

You can dreload the previous version of the software if you want, of course.  Also, you should update to the latest version of the humanware companion, version 3.5.6.  No problems with that version.  

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  When I updated my stream to the latest software version, it  no longer sounds right.  The pitch is off, if not the speed, it is much to fast.  The voice on a book for example, sounds like chip monks.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Is there a way to fix this issue, other than downgrading to an earlier version?  When I went back to the earlier version, I lost the time jump feature.  Don't like that either.  So if anyone knows of a fix for this issue, please let me know.  Thanks.


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