[Vrstream] Googlebooks and the Stream

Steve Zielinski steveziel at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 10 07:34:45 EST 2012

You're welcome, Moira.  Alan is excellent with his help, and very clear as 
well.  This is a good list for sure.


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> Thanks very much, Alan and Steve.  I very much appreciate such clear,
> helpful and fast advice!
> Best,
> Moira
> On 3/9/12, Steve Zielinski <steveziel at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Use the epub version and place it into the $vrdtb folder.  You should get
>> some navigation with it.  Since it's in the public domain, I am assuming
>> there is no password protection.  If it is password protected, it won't 
>> play
>> on the stream.
>> Best,
>> Steve
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>> Subject: [Vrstream] Googlebooks and the Stream
>>> Dear All,
>>> I have the softpak on my Stream, and want to read a book which is in
>>> the public domain and available from Googlebooks.  The choices for
>>> download are PDF and Epub.  Which would be better for the Stream?
>>> Actually, I'm not sure that either will even be playable, but really
>>> hope so.  If so, if people were willing to comment on the strengths
>>> and weaknesses of the two formats, that would be very helpful.  I'm
>>> assuming that either would go in the text folder, but is this true?
>>> Thanks for any suggestions.
>>> moira
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