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Scott, I got my Stream in July of 2008 and have never had to reset it. I
primarily use it to listen to audiobooks so I'm not putting it through quite
the same paces you are but its stability has been outstanding. I had to
remove the battery once or twice because the unit was not powering on but
the problem was corrected right after doing so.


Alan Lemly


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I am currently using my second Stream, which I just purchased used.  I sold
the first Stream last year, after having had it for three and a half years.
One of things that I loved about it, and part of the reason why I got
another one, is its stability.  During the three and a half years that I had
my first Stream, I did not so much as have to reset it.  The Stream that I
have now is used but it is in excellent condition.  A faulty BookShare book
has caused this new Stream to crash twice, requiring a hard reset both
times.  I'm pretty sure it was the book because this same book has caused my
other daisy players to act strangely also.  My first Stream never crashed,
even when a faulty book was loded.  I am a grad student and I use the Stream
a great deal for my academic work and, because of my study methods, I
sometimes set hundreds of marks in a book.  A hard reset removes bookmarks
and there is no way to back them up.  Because of this, these recent crashes
concern me a little.  I am just curious as to what kind of experience that
the Stream users out there have had with stability.


Scott Duck

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