[Vrstream] A Case For The Stream

Marilyn and Don Billderback djbilderback at cox.net
Thu Mar 29 00:43:53 EDT 2012

Yes, I do know all about the case, I just have a couple of questions.  Does the Executive Products case have a flap to secure over the front keys? The picture doesn't show one nor does the description mention one.   Is it held with Velcro?  How does the Velcro hold up with lots of use?

Do Executive Products or Amazon ever hold sales for these cases?  It is currently $45 at both places.

Enable Mart also has the same case for a little less, but I don't know how reliable this business is. 

And, what color is the leather case?  Boy, that's more than a couple of questions, isn't it?  Sorry, but thanks for anything you can contribute to my quest to replace the original case for my much beloved Stream.

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