[Vrstream] doesn't inaudible work any more with Windows 10

meadowlark226 at frontier.com meadowlark226 at frontier.com
Wed Aug 2 12:25:52 EDT 2017

Hello all,

    Doesn't inaudible 1.97 work any more with Windows 10? I seem to have to 
go around the barn anyway to download books anyway, but today, for the first 
time, it's not working. It's like everything is disabled in Inaudible.

    First off, let me explain. Audible Manager, the quirky thing, will not 
download books for me. It never has, and so I have to use the Audible 
Manager help files to download with. That has never been any problem until 
today. Inaudible will usually download the books with those files and 
convert them to mp3's but today? No.

    Is there a later version of Inaudible now?

Thanks in advance. Seems as though my Windows 7 computer works just fine 
with it.

Take care,


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