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  Yes, but you sort of have to do it manually. To get the radio stations into the normal favorites folder in front of the HumanWare folder, go to each favorite stored in their current location in that new folder and hit the move to favorites (bookmark) key and then just press confirm. You will then find a favorites folder in front of the HW folder.

  Then, just press the seven key until you hear internet radio and then press the 2 or 8 key until you hear "export all playlists to SD Card". Hit confirm and you should be good to go.
Hope that helps!

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    By some unknown and crazy mistake I deleted my favorites in the stream.  Since I happen to have two streams, I was able to export  favorites from one stream to the other.  Now, in order to get to my favorites,I first have to pass by the humanware selected play list. and my favorites say “exported favorites.  Is there any way to put the exported favorites before the humanware favorites list?    And is there any way to back up the favorites Iin the machine in case this happens again?
Thanks.  Vinny 
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