[Vrstream] Victor Stream Punctuation and Character Guide

nancy Lynn seabreeze.stl at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 09:11:20 EDT 2017

I got this from another list and thought you’d find it useful. We already know some of these, but others may be new information.
Guide to punctuation and other characters on the Victor Stream.

Press the zero key this number of times to get the following character:


1 space

2 zero

3 exclamation mark

4 at sign

5 pound sign

6 dollar sign

7 percent8 circumflex

9 ampersand

10 asterisks

11 opening parenthesis

12 closing parenthesis

13 underscore

14 plus

15 equals

16 pound

17 euro

18 yen



Press the 1 key this number of times to get the folowing characters:


1 1

2 period

3 comma

4 question mark

5 dash

6 slash

7 colon

8 semicolon

9 single quote

10 quote

11 backslash

12 less than

13 greater than

14 opening bracket

15 closing bracket


To make a capital letter press the bookmark key, (top right button.)

To lock your keypad press and hold the star key.  To unlock the keypad press, 1 2 3.

To hear your battery status and download info press and hold the pound key.

To turn on your key describer press and hold the zero.
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