[Vrstream] hello from a new member

Joanie Marie joaniemarie at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 15 14:40:39 EDT 2017

Hi all,

Brian, please disregard my message to you about replying to the list. For
some reason, I couldn't find the welcome message to the list. Well, I have
it and here we go The only thing that is a concern to me about my stream is
that it doesn't like my modem. I can go downstairs here where they have
Comcast, and my stream gets the Bard books just fine. I can download
podcasts for the most part without a problem. But the Bard books burp. I
even took my stream down to the defaults last winter but that didn't help.
It's not really a problem with the stream, which I found out. I called NLS
the Washington branch and a man was able to pull up my history and he could
see that the stream kept asking  for the same packet over and over and then
it would time out. Otherwise, I'm very happy with it. Humanware is aware of
my problem as well.



I'm Joanie Delzer and I've had my stream since mid-January. I love it, 

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