[Vrstream] The New Stream

William Brandes williambrandes at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 11:12:27 EDT 2017

Vince. That's alot to pay for so-called convenience.

I wouldn't pay $700 or $800. Too rich for my blood.

It's 2017 not 2007.

Want to take notes? My nearly 20 year-old Sony micro recorder still works super!

Plus, one can only read so many books in a lifetime!

If worried about other types of digital media, my $30 Fire tablet does
a fine job.

Perhaps I'm lucky. I live in the USA which offers NLS Bard and state
online digital libraries, from which one can borrow books in multiple
formats including Kindle.

Of course, that's MHO. other folks mileage may vary.

Stay well ... William

On 8/16/17, cheez <cheez at cox.net> wrote:
> I'm incline to agree with you about the price.  But I suppose, if one was to
> factor in the cost of each unit alone, it would probably be about the same
> price.
> However, optimistically, fewer items to carry.
> Vince

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