[Vrstream] New SD Card Label with HW Companion

Joshua Hendrickson louvins at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 14:08:49 EDT 2017

Max.  You don't have to use the companion at all to do what you want.
Just go to your sd card and the $VRLabel file and delete the name that
is already there and rename to what you want, then just save the file
again.  You also don't need the companion software to creat a label
for your sd cards at all.  Just go to notepad and make a lable name
for a card and save it as $VRLabel and put the file on the root of
your sd card and there you go.  Good luck.

On 8/22/17, Max G. Swanson via Vrstream <vrstream at vrstreamusers.org> wrote:
> How can I rewrite a label for an SD card using the Companion?  Actually
> there's a bit more to this one; so please read on.
> I successfully backed up a failing 16GB card to a new 32GB, and the
> restoration included the old label.  As long as the 32GB is still in the
> Stream, no problem; however, I want it to have its own unique label.
> Screwing up the label rewrite invites confusion.
> -
>    So how do I replace the identical label with a more appropriate one on
> the larger card?-
> Just how interesting do we want our times to be? Pax, Max!
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