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If restarting your modem and wireless router doesn't work, try erasing the Stream internal memory. With the Stream powered off, press and hold the 2, 6, and 8 keys. While holding those down, turn the Stream on and wait until you enter the diagnostic menu. From the menu, use the 2 and 8 keys to move through the options and choose format internal memory. Once that is complete, try downloading your content. Note that you'll have to subscribe to your podcast feeds again or import them from the file on your SD card. If this doesn't help, try a profile reset from the diagnostic menu. You will have to change your settings and your bookmarks and playback positions will be lost. If that doesn't work, try a factory reset from the diagnostic menu. This erases everything including your online keys and online service login information. You will have to configure everything from scratch. If none of these help, contact Humanware and see what they tell you.
> On Aug 25, 2017, at 11:30 AM, Joanie Marie via Vrstream <vrstream at vrstreamusers.org> wrote:
> Hi Joseph and all, well, no, can't do it now. I upgraded with Century Link a
> while back and am committed for a year to that contract.
> You are right because I can use the wireless downstairs and the apartment
> complex is with Comcast. And my boyfriend has Fios with Frontier and when
> I'm at his place, I can get all of my podcasts and Bard books just fine with
> the Stream. 
> Sadly though, if my other devices can get the downloads that  I want with my
> modem's wireless, why can't the Stream? The big selling point with the
> Stream is the internal memory being able to get Bard books etc. I did try
> another thing: I turned off my other devices, unplugged the modem, plugged
> it back in and still the Bard books and some of my podcasts failed. 
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